Netizens Name The Male Idol Who No One Can Replace In Terms Of Visuals

Do you agree with what they have to say?

When it comes to picking a bias in K-Pop, there are often a lot of things to think about: The best things about them are usually their looks, their skills, and their personalities.

Since beauty is subjective, what looks good to some people might not look good to others.

But recently, a post was made on an online forum about the one K-Pop idol that the writer thinks can’t be beat in terms of looks alone.

What about the idol? Cha Eun Woo of ASTRO.

The post asks if there is any male K-Pop idol who can “win” against Eunwoo in terms of looks alone.

It also shows several pictures of the ASTRO member that show off his good looks.

Many Korean netizens agree with the idea that Eunwoo can’t be beat in this way. They like not only his face, but also his height and the way his body fits together.

This makes him a true all-arounder in terms of looks.

Here’s what Korean Internet users had to say about the post.

“Is there another actor who looks as good as he does?

… It has to be after Kang Dong Won or Won Bin in terms of how it looks…”

“From just looks? Cha Eun Woo‘s looks and body are perfect, to be honest… He’s also smart.”
“Not only does he look good, but he is also the right size.”
“You seem to think that… No one is here yet.”
“Don’t you think that how someone looks is a matter of taste? I don’t know if he looks better than everyone else, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t handsome. I think that his looks remind me of those of other groups… And it all comes down to personal taste.”

Even many fans from other countries are on the same page.

Even though some people don’t like Eunwoo, they can all agree that, objectively (or as objectively as possible), the ASTRO member is the most handsome person in the K-Pop industry.

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