“Is that you, Unnie?” Video of actress Han So Hee Drunk and Lying on the Floor Becomes Viral

“Unnie, you can’t be this way for no reason…”

Pictures and videos of Han So Hee passed around the Internet of her lying on the floor drunk.

On January 24, Han So Hee posted a photo and a video clip to her Instagram. The actress is shown lying on the floor in the post with the caption “And I will never drink again.

In the picture, Han So Hee is drunk and sleeping on the floor. Several Jenga blocks have been put on the actress, which looks like a joke.

Han So Hee also posted a video of herself lying on her back, which seemed to show that she was drunk. You can see a friend walk up to the actress and put a jacket over her.

Netizens were shocked and amused by the photo. Many people couldn’t believe the famous actress would get that drunk, and even more couldn’t believe she would post the picture.

Most people on the Internet liked the post and complimented her for being so real.

“Unnie, you can’t be this way for no reason…”
“A drunk Han So Hee, this is unusual.”
“Humans keep making the same mistakes.”
“Are you the one who’s lying down?”

In the meantime, fans of the actress are looking forward to Gyeonseong Creature, the Netflix drama she will be in with another K-drama star, Park Seo Joon.

The drama is a mystery thriller about a monster that was made out of greed and two unlikely heroes who have to stop it.

Even though no exact date has been set, the drama is set to come out in 2023.



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