ARMY’s Eyes are Wide Open After Knowing What BTS V Wears to Sleep

He told everything!

V of BTS recently told ARMYs everything about what he does at night, and many of his answers were interesting.

He said that he always does the same things before bed: brush his teeth, drink a glass of cold water, and eat a gummy.

Then, he puts some essential oil under his nose and is ready to sleep.

He said that sometimes it takes him four hours to fall asleep. But he doesn’t think about much. Most of the time, he just doesn’t pay attention to anything.

V said that when he sleeps, he likes to wear a little less.

“I have to sleep with a pajama bottom and no top or I can’t go to sleep.” -V

Plus, he likes to use aroma oil and other pleasant smells to help him sleep, but he’s not sure if it works.

He turns his late-night snacks into full meals and loves to order bunsik (Korean fast food), fried chicken, or hwe (raw fish).

He also took a “This or That” quiz about his favorite things to do before bed. See what he said about it below.

What would you listen to before bed? Classical music vs. Nature sounds

Which blanket texture? Crinkly and cool vs. Cozy and warm

Which blanket design? Plain and neat vs. Checkered

Do you turn on the nightstand before bed? Yes vs. No

Which pillow? High vs. Low (Real choice: In between)

Which workout before bed? Basic stretching vs. Intense ab crunches

Which bedtime book? A healing essay vs. A slow touching novel

What comforts you before bed? A round of games vs. Online shopping

Do you sleep with a blanket in the summer? Yes vs. No

Must-have winter items? Heated mattress pad vs. Cozy fleece pants and socks (Real choice: Neither)

Which nature sound before bed? Crickets vs. Waves



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