“Single’s Inferno” Park Se Jeong Criticizes Show’s “Evil Editing” Involving Kim Se Jun, but Netizens Attack Her Instead

Even though “Single’s Inferno 2” is over, it’s just the beginning for the contestants, who are getting more and more popular. Even though the attention can be good, it also makes them more open to criticism and hateful comments.

Recently, one of the contestants, Park Se Jeong, had to delete an Instagram post because of hateful comments.

During her time on the show, Park Se Jeong got noticed for how pretty she was, and netizens were shocked when she didn’t end up with anyone on the island.

Even though Park Se Jeong is popular on the show, fans have criticized her friendship with fellow contestant Kim Se Jun and the scenes they have together on the show.

During the show, Kim Se Jun was in adoration with Lee So E, but when he first got there, some of the other contestants thought he was more interested in Park Se Jeong.

When Kim Se Jun first came to the island, even Park Se Jeong seemed to like her.

In the end, they seemed to stay friends with Park Se Jeong, leaving the island alone. Se Jun was everyone’s favorite, and his relationship with Lee So E was the cutest.

After the show was over, the contestants showed that they were still friends by doing crazy Instagram Lives or getting together for a catch-up.

With the end of the show, the contestants have also been sharing fan-posted clips from the show. On January 23 (KST), Park Se Jeong shared a fan post that showed she had worn Se Jun‘s jacket at one point.

Unsurprisingly, the fan wanted to know if there was anything Netflix didn’t show. Park Se Jeong just said, “A lot of things have been edited. HAHA.

But within a few hours, people on the Internet noticed that the story was gone.

At first, many fans didn’t understand why, but people on social media, especially those who really like Se Jun and So E as a couple, were upset about the post.

Many Netizens defended Park Se Jeong, saying that she was just showing off her friendship with the other contestants and not trying to cause trouble.

One TikTok user said that the jacket was the reason for the hate and why Park Se Jeong probably deleted the post.

Even though Se Jun giving Park Se Jeong a jacket was a small thing to do, it was a big part of his love story with So E.

So E came back from “Paradise” wearing Se Jun‘s jacket, which seemed to cement their friendship.

Another user told Park Se Jeong that they were “unhappy” when they saw that she liked all of Se Jun‘s photos.

Even though it was a small thing, many people thought it was proof that she was dating Se Jun or trying to cause “trouble.”

Park Se Jeong later posted a video of her and So E on the island. It seems like the contestant wanted to show how close they were and that she wasn’t trying to hurt her relationship with Se Jun.

Even though the post wasn’t meant to cause so much trouble, as Park Se Jeong‘s popularity grows, her and the other contestants’ every move will be watched.

Hope it doesn’t stop other contestants from sharing moments from the show, since it shows how the show is edited.



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