BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Has Stunned Fans With Her Surprising New Hairstyle — But Others Have Mixed Feelings About It

Jisoo of BLACKPINK is a really beautiful idol who always looks great. But the idol recently got a lot of attention when she showed off a new hairstyle that has gotten both positive and negative reviews.

Jisoo‘s hairstyles have always been classy, beautiful, and fresh since she first came out. It’s not surprising that she always starts new trends, whether she’s on stage, making the K-drama “Snowdrop“, or just taking a break.

Even with bangs, the idol still has a sexy charm. Depending on how she styles her hair, she can also look like a princess or a queen.

Fans have mixed feelings about her most recent change, which was to get bangs.

When Jisoo went to the DIOR fashion show in Paris, she made BLINKs fans all over the world very happy. As expected, the idol looked beautiful in a white dress that stopped just above her ankles.

Even though she looked beautiful in her outfit, her new bangs were the thing that stood out. Jisoo’s hair was down and out of her face at the last BORN PINK shows. She had tiny bangs that fell above her eyebrows for the fashion show.

Many people liked the idol’s new haircut and said how cute she looked and how much she looked like the famous Audrey Hepburn.

Some people didn’t agree, and they couldn’t help but say that Jisoo looked beautiful, but the bangs just weren’t it. People also talked about whether or not they were real.

But she’s not the first BLACKPINK member to get mixed reactions for getting bangs recently. Lisa, another member, is also known for her bangs, and over the years, her long, beautiful hair has also brought her attention.

At their recent concert in Saudi Arabia, both Jisoo and Lisa wore new bangs for the first time.

Fans noticed Lisa‘s new bangs right away, even though she was wearing a hood.

When the photos and videos came out, people had mixed feelings about Lisa‘s bangs, which looked almost the same as Jisoo‘s at the DIOR show.

Even though the choppy bangs might not be the best choice for the BLACKPINK members, both Lisa and Jisoo showed off their beauty and pulled off the look.



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