“Single’s Inferno” Lee Nadine Hits Out at Show’s Editing Over Kim Jin Young Heated Behavior Towards Her on the Final Episode

On a show like “Single’s Inferno 2,” it’s not surprising that the producers will cut together clips to tell a story that might not be true at all.

Lee Nadine recently sat down with ELLE Singapore and told some stories from the show that had never been told before.

One of Lee Nadine‘s biggest “crimes” at the start of the show was that she didn’t seem to connect with anyone. But since she didn’t seem to like anyone, netizens thought this changed when Kim Jin Young came along.

Kim Jin Young seemed to be the center of attention when he arrived on the island, and he became a regular at “Paradise.” Lee Nadine was also made to look like she liked him, along with Shin Seul Ki and a lot of other people.

It looks like that wasn’t the case, because Lee Nadine said that she seemed to be in love while watching the show.

But, unlike how she played them, her emotions weren’t very strong, and the truth fit her personality better. She wished she had been more real.

Lee Nadine explained, “It looked like I was madly in love with some cast members, but when I’m interested in someone, I’m usually much more shy and distant. I don’t usually reach out to people “.

One scene in particular, along with the dates that made them seem closer than they really were, made netizens feel a lot of different ways.

In the last episode, when the contestants had to choose their final partner, fans got excited when Kim Jin Young went up to Lee Nadine.

Just to break the hearts of netizens, he turned down Lee Nadine and walked to Shin Seul Ki after fooling everyone.

After the scene, netizens talked about Kim Jin Young’s behavior, thinking it was one of the many red flags that he had shown throughout the show. But it seems like it might not have changed how Lee Nadine really feels.

In the same interview, Lee Nadine talked about what she said when Kim Jin Young approached her that wasn’t shown.

Lee Nadine clarified, “As soon as Kim Jin Young came over to stand next to me, I asked him jokingly, “Why are you here?” Why don’t you go to Shin Seul Ki?’ I thought that was a funny moment that was cut, but it perfectly summed up how I felt at the time “.

Even though it seems like a small part was left out, it could have changed the whole plot of the last episode.

Kim Jin Young seemed to know that Lee Nadine would pick Shin Seul Ki, which shows that their relationship wasn’t as strong as it seemed.

Of course, it made for dramatic TV, which is what shows are all about.



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