NewJeans Danielle’s Former Classmate Have Nothing But Glowing Praises For Her And It’ll Warm Your Hearts

Fans of NewJeans have loved getting to know more about the members’ personalities and interests since the group first came out.

Since some members, like Hyein, were already performing before the group debuted, it has been very easy to find out about them and even find connections to other new groups, like BABYMONSTER.

Others, like Hanni, have been able to show who they are through variety shows and interactions with the other members of the group.

A former classmate of Danielle‘s recently went on TikTok and said that they went to school together and that he didn’t know she was a K-Pop idol until recently.

In the clip, he shows off what looks like a picture of Danielle from his class yearbook.

The user @jack.0.toole says in the caption of his post that Danielle was “one of the nicest people” in their grade.

The TikTok user said, “She was one of the nicest people in our class, and I’m pretty sure she moved to Korea right after Year 6 ended.

@jack.0.toole also says that Danielle was the school captain. In Australian schools, the school captain is the student who speaks for the whole class.

School Captains are in charge of the student leadership team and help the school’s leaders (the Principal, Assistant Principal, Leading Teachers, and Team Leaders) carry out the school’s mission and vision. They speak for the students in the school community and lead the students all over the school and in the wider community.”

— Chalcot Lodge Primary School, a school similar to the one Danielle attended.

Danielle must have been liked by everyone in school, because @jack.0.toole said that “he can’t remember anyone slamming her.

Fans aren’t surprised by the fact that Danielle has always been a sweetheart. This has been shown over and over again.

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