aespa’s Karina Recent Look at the YSL Beauty Event is Getting a Lot of Attention for Looking “Basically Not Human”

Netizens can’t stop looking at the new pictures of Karina from the YSL Beauty event.

Netizens talked about the photos of aespa‘s Karina taken at the Yves Saint Laurent Beauty event on January 18 on an online community forum.

With red as the background, pictures of the idol’s looks shocked people on the web.

Because she looks like an A.I., Karina has gotten a lot of attention over the years. People have said that she looks “unreal.”

Some reactions include:

“Her beauty is shocking”

“Really thought she was an artificial intelligence”

“She’s a goddess”

“How could we dare to look at her face?”

“She looks more like an AI than an AI”

“She has the most beautiful face shape, but it’s so small that I don’t know how all her features fit.”

“I can’t believe that a person can get even more beautiful like this”

“In my opinion, the most beautiful idol”

“I’ve never seen such beauty in my life.”

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