“Single’s Inferno” Viewers Stunned After Finding Out Jo Yoong Jae’s Real Job And Financial Status

Now that “Single’s Inferno 2” is over, it seems like everyone on the internet wants to know everything about the contestants’ lives outside of the show.

Recently, contestant Jo Yoong Jae has been getting a lot of attention because of how good his work history is.

Even though he might not have been a fan favorite, his growing relationship with another contestant, Choi Seo Eun, won the hearts of netizens.

Even though the show is over, the couple is still getting attention for how open they are about their relationship.

But in addition to his relationship with Choi Seo Eun, Jo Yoong Jae has become well-known for his work outside of the island.

Choi Seo Eun tried to figure out what Jo Yoong Jae did for a living after she went to “Paradise” for the first time.

Jo Yoong Jae then said that he worked for a very large security company.

From the moment he showed off his VT, it seemed like Jo Yoong Jae was in a very professional high position. He said that part of his job is to “analyze assets and make private equity funds or other specialized investments that institutions can buy.”

He also graduated from Hanyang University and posted a picture of himself in the school’s robes.

Even though that is impressive, some internet users think Jo Yoong Jae may have been underselling himself when he talked about what he does for a living.

Netizens found a report from 2018 about Shinhan Investment, and many people think that Jo Yoong Jae is one of the people mentioned in the report. In the staff portfolio, it looks like Jo Yoong Jae is the man in the middle of the bottom row.

Profiles of New Recruits at Securities Companies

  1. Desired Specialties
  2. Notes
    Shinhan Investment Corp.
    (His name, which I can’t spell)
  3. Alternative investments
  4. He earned qualifications/got licensed after he set his goals.

In the article, it says that Jo Yoong Jae was hired through an open admission, which is something that top companies do when they are looking for new employees.

The article says that Jo Yoong Jae was a senior employee or an assistant manager at the company.

Netizens also praised Jo Yoong Jae for his TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) scores, even though this isn’t true and is just a guess. Netizens believe that he got over 900+ (which is out of a total of 900).

When the news got out on the Internet, people couldn’t hide how impressed they were.

Even though none of this has been proven, it can’t be denied that Jo Yoong Jae has shown how smart he is and been open about his career, which has led netizens to make assumptions.

Unlike many reality shows around the world, it seems like the people who have been on this season of Single’s Inferno have been smart and accomplished.



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