“Single’s Inferno” Kim Jin Young Chaotically Tried Showing His Cooking Skills and Fans Lost Their Minds in the Process

Kim Jin Young was a contestant on “Single’s Inferno 2,” and both the other women on the show and the people who watched it loved her.

People had different feelings about his behavior on the show, which sent “red flags” up for many of them. There was also debate about what his tattoo meant.

But overall, Kim Jin Young often won over viewers with his humor and good looks, which some people thought reminded them of BTS‘s Jungkook.

Kim Jin Young usually looked very put together and calm on the show, but he did have some cute moments, like when he ran into a mirror by accident in Paradise.

People who have watched his YouTube channel for a long time know that he has a silly side that he shows off in many of his videos.

And recently, a video of Kim Jin Young trying to cook has gone viral on TikTok, with over a million views of his…interesting… way of cooking.

Netizens joked that they now know not to judge based on a “first impression.”

Many people liked this side of Kim Jin Young even better than the side he showed in “Single’s Inferno 2.”



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