“Leave Her Alone” — Netizens in Defense of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung After Getting Unfair Hate Again Over How She Eats Pizza

IVE just put out ads for the pizza chain Papa John‘s, which is the latest in an impressively long list of brands they endorse.

Along with the ads, a behind-the-scenes video was posted on the official YouTube channel of the pizza brand. In the video, the girls are seen acting happy and bright while filming the commercial.

But there was one part of the video that caught people’s attention online and made them judge and hate Jang Wonyoung in an unfair way.

Jang Wonyoung seems like she can’t do anything without getting criticized in some way, and this gif of her eating pizza for an advertisement video is no different.

It’s similar to how some people reacted when she went viral for eating a strawberry with both hands, which is why she’s still called a “pick-me girl” to this day.

Even though she was acting for an ad, some netizens think the way she took a bite of pizza was “cringy” and wonder why she did it that way.

But it’s not the first time a Korean celebrity has done something overly dramatic or “cringy” for a food ad. In fact, idols and actors often go overboard with their acting for food ads, as the videos below show.

People are coming to her defense and criticizing the people who hate on her for such a stupid reason.

We’re glad to see so many people on Jang Wonyoung‘s side in this situation, and we hope she continues to do well as one of the most famous “it girls” of this generation of K-Pop!



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