LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin’s Younger Sister Looks Just Like Her, And Fans Can’t Even Handle It

Both of them are beautiful.

Not all siblings look the same, and Yunjin and her sister in LE SSERAFIM are no exception.

The K-Pop star in question has two younger siblings, a brother and Yejin, who was born in 2004. (Rachel Huh). Under the handle rxyejin, the second person posts short videos to TikTok.

Her videos show different parts of her life, like dubs, vlogs, and projects with friends.

Several of them have even gone viral, with hundreds of thousands to millions of people watching each one.

Korean fans of LE SSERAFIM have gone on online communities to talk about how much the sisters look alike and how much it amazes them.

Yunjin and Yejin are only three years apart, but their faces are the same shape and their features are symmetrical. This makes it likely that they are related.

Fans have said, “They look exactly the same,” “Wow, they really look alike,” and “I thought they were twins.” They are both beautiful.”

Yejin seems to have taken after Yunjin in more ways than just looks. Since 2019, she has already gotten almost 300,000 followers and five million likes, which is not surprising.

Here are some of her TikTok videos that you can watch.



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