NewJeans’ Hanni Gets Real About The Toughest Moments They Went Through As K-Pop Trainees

It’s no secret that training to be a K-Pop idol isn’t easy. Some hardships include busy schedules, stress, pressure, and strict diets.

In NewJeans‘ case, another difficult aspect they experienced was the dance method that their trainer wanted them to master.

It’s not a secret that it’s hard to train to be a K-Pop idol. Busy schedules, stress, pressure, and strict diets are all examples of things that make life hard.

The dance method that NewJeans‘ trainer wanted them to learn was another hard thing they had to deal with.

Hanni told Leemujin Service all about it when she was a guest on the show and sang songs like “Just a Feeling,” “wa-r-r,” and “Lucky.”

Host Lee Mujin brought up the subject when he asked how NewJeans can do different moves and still look “like one body.” He saw that, unlike some other K-Pop groups, they don’t always dance in sync.

Lee Mujin said, “When we look up videos of NewJeans on stage or in music videos, we can see that there is something different from the K-Pop we know. K-Pop idols have become so good at dancing that they all move at the same time “.

He added and asked, “That made them cool, and we call that swag. But when we see NewJeans, the moves aren’t all the same or in sync, but you still look like one body. There’s this vibe that can’t be put into words that only NewJeans has. How do you do it? Can it be done with practice?“.

The singer of “Ditto” said that it was because of this style of dancing that she and her group members had “a lot of difficulties” while practicing for their debut.

The goal of their trainer was to make them look like one body. But they were told that they couldn’t move the same way. The girls didn’t understand what to do, so they asked, “How do we do that?“.

Hanni shared, “Because of this, we had to go through a lot of difficulties when we were getting ready for our debut. Our trainer told us we have to look like one body, but we can’t all move the same way. How do we go about doing that? So we all thought, ‘How can we do that?’ “.

They were lucky that it worked out. They found that all they had to do to master it was be confident, dance however they wanted, and have fun.

By doing these things, they could show off the colors that made them stand out.

Hanni said, “But I think having fun is the most important thing. To look like one body, especially in “Hype Boy” and “Cookie,” we have to show off our colors well“.

She added, “But if we don’t show our colors well or act like we’re not sure of ourselves, the whole picture looks like that. So we tell each other to be sure of ourselves, dance the way we want to, and have fun. I think that’s our secret“.

It’s what gives NewJeans their identity!



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