A “Single’s Inferno 2” couple solidifies their love for each other with a surprise announcement that makes everyone happy

Fans might not react as well as the other contestants.

In Single’s Inferno 2, more Koreans were on a remote island looking for love. After weeks of seeing their relationships grow, the show’s last episode was finally aired.

Netizens have been eagerly waiting for news about the couples since the show ended.

Jo Yoong Jae and Choi Seo Eun have always gotten a lot of attention, and they could really be the couple that stays together forever.

During the show, they had some of the cutest moments with each other that made it seem like they were already a mature couple.

They were even seen going out on dates after the show was over…

Well, it looks like they’re ready to take the next step and meet fans together in person.

On January 18, Yoong Jae and Seo Eun told fans that they would be meeting with fans… together.

Along with the news, both Seo Eun and Yoong Jae posted some cute “couple” photos of themselves that really show how well they get along.

From how they look to how they get along, the pictures could really make even an Ice Queen melt.

Fans were excited, but it looks like the contestants are just as excited. In the comments, the other people from the show said funny things, like Kim Se Jun‘s “Wow” in response to Yoong Jae‘s post…

Or Nadine‘s more excited comment to Seo Eun, in which she says she wants to buy a plane ticket to come.

Yoong Jae and Seo Eun‘s relationship seems to be getting stronger, and it’s great to see the other contestants show their support.

Considering how serious they are about each other, it seems like the couple could also make history by being the first couple from the show to get married.



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