Netizens LOL at Japanese Media’s failed attempt to imitate “Dispatch” in LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon dating rumors

Korean netizens aren’t convinced by the photos that the Japanese news site Shkan Bunshun released to prove that LE SSERAFIM‘s Kim Chaewon is dating a former rapper.

Before, Japanese news outlet Shkan Bunshun made headlines in Korea when, on January 17, it said it would release dating photos of a famous K-Pop star.

How Korean netizens felt about the news was all over the place. Many netizens didn’t understand why the news outlet was talking about K-Pop artists, and some wondered if the K-Pop star’s partner was Japanese.

A Japanese news outlet says it has photos of a K-Pop star on a date and will release them on January 18. | Shūkan Bunshun

“Is the K-Pop star dating a person from Japan?”

“Is the partner Japanese?”

“But this makes no sense at all, LOL. They really care a lot about our country… It would be like if Dispatch wrote about a famous Japanese person’s new relationship… It’s very strange.”

“It must be a famous Japanese idol.”

“Is (the idol) dating someone who is Japanese?”

“I guess the Japanese don’t care about their own celebrities.”

Then, as promised, on January 18, the Japanese news outlet published an article that said a K-Pop star was dating a former rapper.

Kim Chaewon from LE SSERAFIM was the idol in the article. As proof, the news outlet put out a supposed photo of the idol with a former rapper.

Netizens, on the other hand, did not like the photo. By comparing it to another picture of Kim Chaewon and another member, Sakura, many fans were quick to figure out that the picture had been altered.

Also, both HYBE and the former rapper in the photo denied the claims soon after the article came out. The alleged ex-rapper would say that he put the photos together by editing them.

Rapper A: “It’s not true at all.”

Netizen: “But they said they would put out 7 pictures every hour.”

Rapper A: “Who did? The picture was put together by editing.”

Netizen: “I think it said so in the article. Huh? It’s edited?”

Rapper A: “Yes, I’m just a normal fan. It is Japan, so…”

Netizen: “That’s crazy. So you agree that they’re not legit?”

Rapper A: “It’s not like I can get in touch with anyone.”

Korean netizens said bad things about the Japanese news source and made fun of the dating rumors. Many people said they were embarrassed for the news outlet, whose story has now spread around the world.

“I feel terrible for them.”

“Why did they make such a big deal about fake photos that were edited? If it were me, I’d close my business out of shame.”

“(Kim Chaewon) should file a lawsuit against them. Let’s go!”

“Oh, how sad. What do they do with photos that have been changed? LOL. Is that supposed to be funny?”

“WTF is Shūkan Bunshun doing? I was so worried that a photo that showed too much would be made public, but it’s just an edited selfie. Wow, LOL. I don’t know what to say.”


“Wow, it’s edited? Are they trying to make me laugh? LOL.”

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