Aespa Looks Completely Different In Minimal Makeup — Here’s How They Look Off-Cam

Every day, the members share what they really look like.

During a recent interview with ELLE Korea, the members of aespa talked about their favorite ways to put on makeup.

For shows, the girls’ makeup is often made to look “strong and fancy.”

These beautiful looks are dramatic enough to hold up under the bright stage lights. But in their everyday lives, the members choose a different style.

NingNing said that the makeup she wears at home is very different from the makeup she wears on stage.

“Most of the time, I like things to be clean and natural.”NingNing

This is clear from the photos NingNing takes just for fun. She usually puts on thin, natural-looking eyeliner, soft eyebrows, and a lip color that looks natural.

Winter said that she and NingNing have a similar vibe, but that she plays up different parts of her looks.

“I just use blush or lip balm to make my skin look lively. And I tend to make the eyelashes stand out.” Winter

Winter wears this style of makeup a lot in her casual photos, which fans love. She has a cute, everyday style that is a mix of her natural look and her doll-like eyelashes.

Karina said that her cheeks are naturally pink, so she doesn’t need much blush.

If she wants to be more noticeable, she will use the same color on both her lips and cheeks.

This method is great for making looks that go together. It also saves money and time!

Giselle‘s style of makeup is very light, almost as if she wasn’t wearing any.

But she might put something on her lips just so she doesn’t look like she has nothing on.

Giselle’s skin is brightened by the soft color of her lips.



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