30 Interesting Facts About “Single’s Inferno” Contestant Kim Se Jun That’ll Make You Say, “How Did I Not Know That?“

Oly, Jin Taek’s cat, answered questions for Se Jun!

Kim Se Jun may have joined Single’s Inferno 2 later in the season, but he stole the show.

We all know that his job is to make clothes. He works at Oh Jin Taek’s tailor shop, Ascottage. Oh Jin Taek was a contestant in the first season.

We also know that he is still with Lee So E after the end of the show.

We also can’t forget how much he liked to sleep…

Still, there’s a lot about this fan-favorite contestant that we don’t know.

So, it’s lucky that Se Jun did a Q&A… Almost. He didn’t want to do it, so he asked a very cute friend to do it for him.

“My smart cat friend helps me with things I’m too lazy to do myself. If you want to ask me something, send it here.
From Kim Bubble.”
Kim Se Jun

Bubble is Korean slang for “exaggeration,” so Se Jun is exaggerating when he says that the cat is doing his work for him.

Oly, a cat (@olyisacat on Instagram), is the cute friend in question. Jin Taek and his girlfriend have a pet dog named Oly.

As soon as Oly said he would answer questions about Se Jun as long as they didn’t have to do with his relationship, fans started sending in questions, and the cat got to work…

Here are 20 or more interesting things about Se Jun.

1. He is 100% Korean.

Many people thought Se Jun looked strange, so they thought he was at least a mix of races. Still, Oly said he is just Korean.

2. Se Jun and Jin Taek met at work.

Se Jun and Jin Taek seem to be good friends now, but when Se Jun got his job at the tailor shop, they were just getting to know each other.

3. There is no particular reason Se Jun sleeps all of the time.

4. Se Jun decided to become a tailor when he was 23.

Se Jun wasn’t always sure that he wanted to be a tailor. About four years ago, he made the decision to go for it.

5. Se Jun studied Law.

Se Jun used to study law before he decided to become a tailor.

6. Se Jun does not have any upcoming Netflix-related projects.

7. Se Jun didn’t join the rest of Ascottage for their latest trunk show in Singapore.

Although Oly claims Se Jun isn’t working on anything for Netflix right now.

He isn’t attending the current business trip.

Maybe Se Jun is babysitting Oly!

8. Se Jun is busy working.

It looks like Se Jun had to do the same thing at Ascottage.

9. Se Jun’s birthday is July 31.

He was born on July 31, 1996.

10. Se Jun’s favorite food is pizza.

11. Se Jun is a good dancer.

Or so Oly claims! No video evidence was provided

12. Se Jun is 6’0″!

Se Jun is 6’0″ ft (183 cm). No wonder So E looks so small next to him! She’s only about 5’2″ ft (158 cm).

13. Se Jun likes Rock music so much that he originally wanted to be a rockstar!

Se Jun’s favorite genre of music is Rock, and he even wanted to be a rockstar. He even had the hair for it!

14. Se Jun’s favorite colors are purple and burgundy.

He specifically likes “Deep Purple.”

15. Se Jun’s favorite movie or series is the John Wick film series, starring Keanu Reeves.

This series is about John Wick, a former hitman who was forced back into the criminal underworld. The fourth film will be released in 2023.

16. Se Jun’s favorite dessert is chocolate cake.

We know from his date with So E that he loves sweets!

17. Se Jun has completed his military service.

We don’t have to worry about Se Jun leaving anytime soon! He has already completed his mandatory military service.

18. Se Jun started working at Ascottage for a couple of years.

He was hired in 2020.

19. Se Jun’s hobbies include tennis and gaming.

He is part of the ACTG TENNIS CULB.

Se Jun also likes to play computer games.

20. Se Jun doesn’t like MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).

You will never find out Se Jun’s MBTI because he doesn’t care for it.

21. Se Jun is a Leo.

We might not know Se Jun’s MBTI, but his zodiac/astrological sign is Leo!

22. Se Jun is not a condescending person!

Se Jun might seem cold or reserved at first, but he totally proved in his relationship with So E that he is not! The entire cast loves him too.

Still, someone asked Oly if Se Jun “acts like a kkondae?” Kkondae is a Korean expression meaning a “condescending” or “rigid” person.

Younger people, like teenagers, would use this toward older people, such as teachers, fathers, etc.

23. Se Jun has a younger brother.

If you’ve been wishing Se Jun had a younger brother, you’re in luck! Well, he does.

Yet, nothing much has been revealed about him.

24. Se Jun doesn’t really have a skincare routine.

While Se Jun’s skin looks great, he only uses cream.

25. Se Jun’s username originates from a brand name.

Se Jun’s Instagram handle is @asser__kim. It’s derived from his surname Kim and the British shirt company Turnbull & Asser.

26. Se Jun does not wear suits every day.

While it appeared that Se Jun wore suits most of the time on Single’s Inferno 2, he does dress casually when he needs to. He is a tennis player, after all.

27. Se Jun will grow out his hair again.

Viewers were shocked to find out Se Jun’s hair was originally long since his hair is short and styled currently.

Oly revealed there was no special reason behind Se Jun’s haircut, but he will return to long hair eventually.

28. Se Jun’s blood type is A.

According to BetterHelp, “People with blood type A may be clever, passionate, sensitive, and cooperative. They can be loyal and patient, and they love peace.” That is so Se Jun

29. Se Jun is from Yangju-si.

Yangju is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. It’s actually not too far from Seoul.

30. Se Jun loves Oly!

Any man that treats animals so lovingly and kindly is a green flag.

Throughout the Q&A, Oly shared many pictures and videos of the two playing together.

Oly loves Se Jun more than anyone!

Oly might be the official president of the Kim Se Jun fan club, especially after dedicating hours to answering questions related to him.



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