“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Lee Nadine Coolly Claps Back At Haters Criticizing Her Behavior During The Show

Since “Single’s Inferno 2” started airing, it’s no surprise that all of the contestants have gotten a lot of attention. They will have watched how people react to them on the show. Even though most of the comments are good, there are bound to be some that are negative or mean.

Lee Nadine, a contestant, recently got a lot of attention for how she responded to “haters” who had said bad things about her behavior on the show.

During the show, Nadine got a lot of love from netizens for her charming personality, good looks, and, of course, her badass intelligence. Even though she didn’t find love, Nadine was always honest with herself and the other contestants.

Netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when they found Nadine‘s official TikTok account and some of her funny posts on it after the show was over.

Yet, along with funny videos, Nadine‘s recent post got a lot of attention because she replied to people who had criticized her language skills on the show.

Nadine, who lives in the United States and goes to Harvard, made it clear that she doesn’t speak Korean as well as the other contestants do.

Because of this, she often switched between the two languages to make sure she could say what she thought without worrying about making mistakes.

All of the contestants were kind to Nadine, and some even tried to speak English so she wouldn’t feel left out or like she couldn’t understand.

Netizens haven’t always been as nice, though. Many have said that Nadine switching languages is “annoying,” and some have said that she did it on purpose to get attention or show that she was bilingual.

It seems to have come back to haunt Nadine, since her most recent TikTok was the most iconic way to talk about the haters.

On the video, the caption read, “When I see comments that I spoke English on purpose to flex..um..” with laughing emojis. In the video, Nadine‘s face showed that she was confused at first, and then she started laughing.

Nadine set the record straight in the post’s caption by writing, “Or maybe I just… suck at Korean.” When the post went viral, some Netizens couldn’t believe they’d found Nadine‘s TikTok.

Some people liked how the contestant dealt with the haters. Those who spoke more than one language understood how hard it can be to communicate when you speak more than one.

With the way she sounded, Nadine made herself famous.

As usual, Nadine has shown how great she is by facing down her critics. Being bilingual is both a blessing and a curse because it makes it hard to find the right words for different situations.

Nadine did great on the island, and the other contestants made sure she never felt alone or like she was a burden.



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