Fans Obsessed With New Photos of Long-Haired Jeonghan Looking Like a Prince on His Way to Paris

Seventeen‘s Jeonghan was seen leaving for Paris fashion week at the Incheon International airport.

On the morning of January 16 KST, Jeonghan was seen leaving for Paris Fashion Week at Incheon International Airport.

He was invited to see Saint Laurent’s F/W Men’s collection, and on January 17, he will be in the front row.

This is Jeonghan‘s first fashion week in Paris. On the 17th, he will wear something from Saint Laurent’s new line.

Netizens are admiring his looks and said:

Jeonghan is very cute.

He looks great with long hair.

I think he’s wearing a little bit of makeup, but he looks so good.

Wow, he’s so good-looking!

Wow, what’s it like to have that face every day?

He’s so handsome, it’s hard to believe that hair works for him.

With long hair, he looks good.

Prince Jeonghan is a

He suits Saint Laurent so well

Even though I’m not a fan, I always thought he was handsome, but now he looks like an actor.

He looks great with long hair.

He is so handsome that he would be perfect for Saint Laurent.

He is the cutest Jeonghan I’ve ever seen.

I bet he’s the male idol with the best hair when it’s long.

Keep an eye out for news about Jeonghan.

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