Yoon Ji Sung Got Into a Funny Situation When He Mistaken a Fan’s Gift for a Woman’s Dress

At the fansign event, Yoon Ji Sung and his fans had a lot of fun.

A member of the online community shared a video of Yoon Ji Sung opening a gift from a fan at a fansign.

The gift was a piece of clothing, but as soon as the idol took it out of the box, he crumpled it up because he thought it was a black slip dress for a woman.

Yoon Ji Sung and his fans both found out later that the piece of clothing was a small cape.

Netizens said in a funny way in the comments section that “the thing looks like a slip even when you know what it is.” Others agreed that “it looks like a slip no matter what” and laughed.

Some responses are:

“LOL, that looks like a slip to me, too.”

“If you take it apart, you’d think it was a see-through dress lol.”

“The video clip is funny”

“LOL, it’s also funny because all of the fans gasp at the same time.”

“He has every right to be surprised lol”

“I was surprised too lolol”

“How would anyone know that’s a cape, lol? It looks like a slip.”

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