Stray Kids’ Felix Amazes Netizens Once Again With His Flawless Bare Face Visuals in New Selcas

Even though K-Pop idols look great when they’re dressed to the nines and have a full face of makeup, there’s something special about seeing them without any makeup on.

And when a K-Pop idol like Felix from Stray Kids has such natural beauty and cute freckles, it’s always a treat to see his face without makeup.

The deep-voiced rapper Stray Kids posted a new set of selfies on his official Instagram account recently. The photos really show off his good looks and cute freckles, which fans can’t get enough of.

He looks so cute and cozy when he’s sleeping. His hair is perfectly messy, and he has a sweet pout that would make any STAY swoon.

He gave his fans a total of seven selfies, and each one showed a different view of his perfect face.

On the Instagram post, there are a lot of comments from Stray Kids fans who are thankful and can relate.

Felix has been really nice to Stray Kids fans on their social media feeds as of late.

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