“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Kim Se Jun Impressive Academic Background Proves He’s More Than Just A Pretty Face

Even though “Single’s Inferno 2” is over, it’s just the beginning for the contestants who are getting more attention and becoming more well-known because they were on the show.

The contestants all got attention because of their looks, but also because of their careers.

Fans were impressed when they found out that Shin Dong Woo had a medical degree from Yonsei University and that Lee Nadine was studying at Harvard University.

Well, it looks like another “Single’s Inferno 2” contestant, fan favorite Kim Se Jun, should also be praised for his intelligence.

When he first got to the island, he was the one who finally gave Lee So E a chance at happiness.

Netizens liked that he was both caring and not bothered by things.

Kim Se Jun earned a green flag for his good behavior on the island, and it turned out that he is also a very talented tailor who works for Oh Jin Taek‘s brand, Ascottage.

Well, it looks like Kim Se Jun‘s creativity, talent, good looks, and charming personality aren’t the only things that make him impressive.

Kim Se Jun did a Q&A recently… well, almost. Oh Jin Taek‘s cat had to answer fans’ burning questions about the contestant because he didn’t want to “bother” with it.

Kim Se Jun talked about, “My smart cat friend helps me with things I’m too lazy to do myself. If you want to ask me something, send it here. From Kim Bubble “.

One of the questions was about how he did in school. Fans know about his work, but they don’t know much about what he did before he became a tailor.

If his friendly personality is a contrast to how sharp he looks, then his academic background will be even more surprising.

After saying that the contestant studied law, the answer shows that Kim Se Jun is definitely the whole package.

When Kim Se Jun‘s academic history came out, netizens couldn’t hide their surprise at how perfect he seemed.

Even though his personality has been shown on the show, Kim Se Jun still manages to surprise his fans.

Kim Se Jun has shown that he is smart, strong, good-looking, and has a strong personality. It’s not surprising that the whole internet fell in love with him, and he’s the perfect match for Lee So E, who is just as charming.



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