NewJeans’ Newest Encore Performance at “Inkigayo” Receives Endless Praise From Korean Netizens

Netizens are talking about NewJeans‘ live encore performance on “Inkigayo“.

As was said, NewJeans got the number one spot on the SBS music show on January 15. The winners of the week went back on stage to perform “OMG” again.

As has been said before, K-pop fans have been interested for a long time in the fact that most encore stages will have live singing without AR.

During the encore, each NewJeans member held a microphone and sang their parts. In the comments section, netizens said that their live singing was entertaining and that Hanni was especially good, which set a high standard for the group.

Many people also said that Hyein had a “beautiful vocal tone” and that Danielle sang with “confidence” when they heard them live.

Some more comments and responses are:

“Hanni is sooooooooo good”

Hanni‘s voice is powerful and has a wide range.”

“Can’t believe how good Hanni is”

Hyein‘s voice has such a beautiful tone”

Hyein‘s voice is so beautiful”

“They’re all good, maybe except for the beginning”

“Is there a problem with Minji‘s headphones? It looks like Minji is a little nervous and could work on her confidence.”

“Can’t really hear Haerin, but they’re all pretty good.”

Hyein and Hanni are both great dancers and singers.”


“Is Hanni the lead singer?”

“I think Haerin needs to work on being more sure of herself.”

“Gets better as it goes on”

“Is Minji a rapper?”

What do you think of this encore?



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