Netizens amazed by the natural size of ITZY Yuna’s eyes without filter arriving at Incheon Airport

“The photo looks like it was edited because the face is small and the eyes are big.”

When it comes to how an idol looks in K-Pop, fans have always paid attention to ITZY‘s Yuna.

Yuna‘s strange looks at Incheon Airport recently shocked her fans.

Yuna has been getting attention for her “Legendary” looks wherever she goes since her debut in 2019.

It’s not surprising that she’s been called one of the “IT Girls” of the fourth generation, given how nice she is and how talented she is.

The members of ITZY showed up at Incheon Airport on January 12 to leave for overseas shows.

Obviously, all of the members got noticed for their stunning looks, charms, and personalities when they met fans and the media.

Even though all of the members got noticed, it was Yuna‘s looks that really shocked fans all over the world.

There were fans who wanted to take pictures of the idol.

Many people didn’t think she was real, and some even thought fans had used filters on Yuna because her eyes were so big, her face was so small, and her features were so delicate.

Yuna looked like she was ready to walk a runway even though she was wearing more casual clothes.

Her figure and proportions were perfectly shown off by the way she was dressed.

Netizens were quick to think that Yuna‘s photos had been edited, but looking at the press photos from official Korean media outlets shows that this is not the case at all.

Some of the best media outlets posted similar photos of Yuna that showed off the same features, like her big eyes, small face, and stunning looks.

When the pictures were posted on a Korean forum, netizens couldn’t get enough of the idol’s looks and couldn’t believe there were no filters on the pictures.

“Wow, she is what “Hot Girl” means.”


“She looks so good in the picture that it looks like they added a filter. LOL”

“She looks like a god from a webcomic. She looks so good it doesn’t make sense.”

“I thought they used a filter, but the picture looks the same as the one in the article.”

Yuna isn’t just a pretty face, of course, and people are always drawn to her because of how real she is.

Still, there’s no denying how beautiful the idol looked at the airport. She looks like a princess.



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