LOONA’s HyunJin surprises everyone after winning an online event starring former member Chuu

On January 2, EclipseMint Korea posted a photo of Chuu‘s face with only part of it shown for a giveaway on their official Instagram. The day before, LOONA‘s HyunJin started her own Instagram account.

Everyone was surprised when HyunJin wrote on the post about the giveaway event, “Answer: @chuuo3o! Chuu unnie!!!”.

On January 11, the brand posted a list of the winners, and HyunJin‘s personal account was one of them!

After this funny exchange, HyunJin followed Eclipsemint Korea‘s account (though she later unfollowed them) and sent a direct message to get the prize.

She even used a screenshot of her message “I won, but I didn’t get the DM” as her profile picture on the app FAB.

Fans are glad to see how close HyunJin and Chuu are. Several of them said:

“She’s so genuine”

“It’s so HyunJin!”

“Their paths were meant to cross”

“She just got her account about 10 days ago, and she’s already won something.”

Block Berry Creative must be nuts.”



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