“Hul I thought they were real humans” — Netizens react to new K-pop girl group MAVE:’s virtual avatar concept

Recent rumors say that a new virtual K-pop girl group will be making their debut soon.

Metaverse Entertainment, a division of the game company Netmarble, made several social media accounts to announce and tease the new K-pop girl group.

The four members of the virtual girl group were then shown to the public on January 11.

The teaser photo for the group MAVE:, which will have four AI members named MARTY:, TYRA:, ZENA:, and SIU:, was released on this day.

The girls are seen wearing black clothes with hints of purple that give them a punk rock band vibe.

Netizens have a range of reactions to the new AI girl group’s teaser video. They have a variety of reactions, which they share on different social media sites and comment on:

Do they think they can really make money off of them?

Would being a part of a fandom mean anything?

How are they going to have events where fans can sign things or put out songs?

This is so frightening,

How will the people in the group get paid? lol,

Wow, this is incredible, they look like real people,

I thought those people were real.

What are your thoughts?



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