Netizens say they have found “strong proof” that TXT’s Yeonjun and LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin are dating, but opinions are divided

How good do you think it is?

It seems like the latest big dating rumor between two K-Pop idols is about TXT‘s Yeonjun and LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin.

Both of these artists are from the fourth generation of HYBE Labels. But different people have different ideas about how convincing the “evidence” is.

The “evidence” that the two idols are dating started when a foreign fan found what is said to be Yunjin‘s personal Spotify account, which was posted on an online forum.

The account is called “Huh Yunjin,” and it has songs that the member of LE SSERAFIM has recommended in the past. It is said that Yunjin‘s sister also follows the account.

Because of the drawing used as the profile picture, this account is seen as “evidence” for the dating rumor. Yunjin recently showed that she is a great artist by making the art for the music video for her self-produced song “I DOLL,” which came out recently.

Netizens think that the art style of the Spotify account’s profile picture looks a lot like Yunjin‘s art style, but it has never been seen before.

So, some people think this is “100% proof” that Yunjin is the owner of the Spotify account.

That brings us to what some people on the Internet think the drawing is about.

They think it’s a drawing of Yeonjun (on the left) and Yunjin (on the right) because at the time the drawing is said to have been made, in September 2022, the style matches the TXT member’s look at that time, including his hairstyle/color, outfit, and even his ear piercing.

Around the same time, Yunjin was also seen wearing gold hoop earrings, just like the drawing of “herself” in the image.

To back up their claim that Yeonjun and Yunjin are dating, the post also shows what Yeonjun and Yunjin did during a HYBE Labels episode of The Game Caterers.

At one point, it looked like Yeonjun was trying to catch up to Yunjin, but her group member Kazuha got there first.

Yunjin, Kazuha, and Yeonjun were in line behind each other, but Yunjin ended up moving Kazuha in front of her.

By the end of the episode, Yunjin and Yeonjun were standing next to each other. People on the Internet think this shows that the two were trying to get close on the show.

Of course, like many dating rumors between K-Pop idols, how convincing this “evidence” is depends on who you ask.

Some people think it’s pretty likely, and the drawing that looks like Yunjin and Yeonjun is cute.

Some Netizens think it’s solid proof, but other fans think it’s all a bit silly.

In the end, all of this is just guesswork, so none of it should be taken too seriously!



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