“The Glory” Effect? Thai Superstar Ohm Pawat Publicly Apologizes For His History Of Bullying

Pawat Chittsawangdee, better known by his stage name Ohm Pawat, is a well-known Thai actor.

He recently apologized for picking on his classmates when he was in school. A large number of people on the Internet think that the popular Netflix show The Glory caused this situation.

Ohm Pawat started acting in 2016, but his big break came in a BL drama called Bad Buddy in 2021.

Fans of Thai dramas liked him a lot because of how he played the main character, Napat Pat Jindapat.

But it started to fall apart early this year when several of Pawat’s schoolmates told their stories of being bullied by him on Twitter.

About a week after the accusations came out, Ohm went on social media and posted an apology.

He said that he played pranks as a student and later apologized to the victim’s parents.

But many Internet users and even some of his fans didn’t believe this apology. Most people didn’t like how he tried to make it sound like it was just “boys being boys.”

Even though people on the internet have mixed feelings about his apology, many of them think that The Glory is to blame for the issue coming to light.

The movie starring Song Hye Kyo is about a woman who wants to get back at the classmates who bullied her in high school.

The first part of the series came out on December 30, 2022, and it was an instant hit all over the world.

The drama had a clear effect on South Korean society, and people still talk about school violence because of it.

Netizens think it had the same effect in Thailand, where it was the most-watched show on Netflix during the first week of January.

Just a few days after the series became popular in the country, people started saying bad things about Ohm Pawat on Twitter. Because of the link, “Thai The Glory” became a trending topic on Twitter.

Now, the tag is full of videos of school bullying that want something to be done about it.

After Pawat‘s apology, many Thai netizens now want another actor, Gulf Kanawut, to explain his bad behavior, both in the past and in the present.

Even if The Glory didn’t start it, there seems to be a wave of people in Thailand calling out celebrities who have been involved in school violence in the past.

Many netizens think that the show accurately showed how bad torture is in most “bullying” cases in South Korea.

This might help people understand why the country is so hard on celebrities who are accused of being bullies in school.

No one is like that when they’re young, which is why it’s bad. I hope he gets what he deserves.
I really don’t know what people mean when they say “school violence”… There are much worse examples of bullying out there than in The Glory.
This has a positive effect. Those who cause school violence should be ruined.
Not Ohm Pawat…no…
Both the Ohm case and the Gulf case are shocking. “What the heck…
Is that what you call a sorry?

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