TXT Huening Kai‘s Sister Wasn’t Able To Recognize Her Brother For The Most Hilarious Reason

TXT Huening Kai‘s sister Lea Navvab Huening had the best reaction to his recent photoshoot.

The former K-Pop star posts a lot on TikTok and does live shows there. During a recent TikTok Live, she talked to viewers who asked her to check out a recent photoshoot by Huening Kai.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Huening Kai on Defining the Next Generation of K-Pop” is the cover story of the December/January 2023 issue of Men’s Folio. Huening Kai is the model on the cover. He wears different clothes, some of which are sexier than others, like a tank top.

For the photoshoots, fans had Lea react to different looks of Huening Kai. It took her a while, though, to find them. She didn’t know it was him because she couldn’t see his face because of how Instagram crops photos.

Lea Navvab Huening, said “I thought this was not my brother. Because I can’t see his face from where I am. Are you sure? “.

The first two photos were ones that Lea liked. But when she kept scrolling and saw that Huening Kai was wearing less clothes, she was, to put it mildly, surprised.

Lea couldn’t say anything, but her facial expressions said a lot, and it was hilarious.

She was glad to see that he was wearing more clothes when she looked at the next set of photos. But it was clear that her little brother’s “cool” pose made her laugh. Still, the first two were her favorite.

Lea Navvab Huening, said “Oh, but I like this one… and I like this one!

Lea said that Huening Kai needed more clothes in some photos before she went on. She looked at the photo of him in a tank top.

Lea Navvab Huening said, “He needs to put on more clothes.”

We wonder what her reaction was to TXT’s shirtless concept photos for their fifth mini album, “THE NAME CHAPTER: TEMPTATION“.

Watch the video clip here.


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