Netizens react positively to Jennie’s new makeup style during BLACKPINK Concert in Bangkok

The members of BLACKPINK are not only very good at what they do, but they are also very pretty. Still, the way the members look is very important, and that includes how their makeup looks on stage and how it works with their performances.

Netizens have recently said nice things about member Jennie because they liked the way she did her makeup at a recent show.

Over the years, Jennie‘s makeup has gotten lighter and more natural, which is pretty common in K-Pop. Jennie‘s more natural makeup style has become the norm for idols, so it is always praised.

Yet, the group’s recent trip to Thailand seems to have given Jennie a new style of makeup that netizens liked.

Recently, the group went back to Lisa‘s home country of Thailand to play two shows, and netizens talked about what it was like.

Netizens in Korea noticed that Jennie‘s makeup style had changed for their shows in Thailand.

Compared to how she usually looks, the makeup she wore was much brighter and shinier. This made her look even more striking and gave her a more youthful look.

When the pictures were shared, Korean netizens couldn’t believe how different Jennie‘s style was from what they were used to.

Many people think that this brighter style brings out her beauty and makes her skin tone and other features stand out more.

“Pretty! Get rid of the gyopo (light colors) style of makeup.”

“That style of make-up looks great on Jennie, it goes well with her.”

“She’s a human cat, she’s so cute”

“They say that when you’re in love, you start to look like your partner. Even the way she smiles, she looks more like Jisoo.”

“Her skin tone looks better this way. I don’t get why they kept painting such a pretty girl in naked colors.”

Whether or not Jennie keeps this style of makeup, it’s been a nice change for netizens and shows another side of her beauty.



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