LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Stuns Fans With Her Astonishing Hard-Earned Muscles

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura has made headlines for her impressive muscles.

On January 8, media outlets reported how netizens were fascinated by the idol’s muscular arms and abs on various online communities.

Pictures of Sakura performing on stage revealed her small but healthy figure which caught the netizens’ eyes.

Some of the reactions from the netizens are:

“I think she danced better because she gained muscle.. As expected”

“She’s working hard, she’s amazing”

LE SSERAFIM said that they worked hard… Her abs are amazing”

“A year or two ago, I couldn’t even imagine that Sakura and muscle co-exist”

“She seems to be full of confidence on stage these days, and she seems to be working hard”

“Wow, she’s amazing”

“Wow, it’s amazing to have such muscles”

LE SSERAFIM’s hard work can be seen from their bodies, their faces all look cute but their abs are amazing”

“Seeing Sakura motivates me that I can do anything”

“Reminds me of Kim Sejeong

“She seems to be working really hard”

“Wow look at her arm muscles”

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