Netizens are just in love with NewJeans Hanni’s adorable & funny childhood photos

Netizens can’t get enough of these cute and funny pictures of NewJeansHanni as a child!

As ADOR‘s rookie girl group gets more and more popular, more and more people on the Internet are interested in the members’ pasts.

One Internet user posted a few pictures of Hanni doing silly things as a child in an online community.

But Hanni showed that she is the “perfect example of a natural beauty” even in some of her silliest photos.

Here are some photos of Hanni when she was young.

Netizens said,

“Tiny Hanni is so cute kekekekeke.”

“She hasn’t changed… at all…”

“Wow she is literally the same. I’m shocked at how little she’s changed.”

“She really must have been born beautiful since day 1.”

“It’s amazing. She looks like a Korean now, but when she was young, she looked like a Vietnamese kid TT.”

“She was seriously so pretty since she was young.”

“I think I need to get Hanni‘s Bubble now…”

“Seeing these, you’d have to believe that she didn’t get a single thing done on her face.”

“How f***ing cute kekekeke.”

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