LE SSERAFIM Has A New Nickname Again, And It’s All Thanks To Their Viral Moment With NewJeans’ Hanni

LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans, who are signed to HYBE Labels, went to the 37th Golden Disc Awards in Thailand with BTS‘s J-Hope, SEVENTEEN, and ENHYPEN, who are also signed to HYBE Labels.

The two 4th-generation girl groups stole the show at the ceremony. From their chic and modern red carpet looks to their powerful performances that got everyone’s “Attention,” they showed why they are two of the best 4th-gen girl groups.

Even when they weren’t on stage, fans couldn’t help but watch LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans because they were sitting next to each other.

Even though the two groups have met before, it hasn’t been in front of the public very often. Netizens were excited to see what would happen when the groups’ crazy visuals and talents came together.

Fans were happy to see that the groups seemed to get along well, and LE SSERAFIM had already said that Yunjin trained with the members of NewJeans before her debut.

During and after the ceremony, the interactions between the groups went viral because they were so memorable.

As soon as LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans sat down, fans noticed how friendly they were with each other. Later, they got people’s attention when a bird flew over them and scared them all.

And when LE SSERAFIM kicked in, Sakura‘s “sisterly” instincts kicked in, and she tried to hide Jay Park‘s ab-baring, twerking-filled performance of “Mommae” from Eunchae and Hanni‘s eyes in a funny way.

Fans also noticed a cute thing in the background of a video about LE SSERAFIM.As LE SSERAFIM posed for the camera, Hanni from NewJeans did the same thing to join them in the video.

Netizens thought it was so cute that they started calling LE SSERAFIM and Pham HanniLE SSERAPHAM.”

Hanni was also seen headbanging with TREASURE for the camera, showing that she was having the time of her life at the ceremony.

Hanni was living the dream at the 37th Golden Disc Awards. She was a K-Pop fan who became a top K-Pop star.

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