Viewers of “Single’s Inferno 2” are Astounded To Learn That Lim Min Su Appeared In Another Netflix Show

She knows Minho from the band SHINee!

There are a lot of stars in Single’s Inferno 2.

Single’s Inferno, a popular Korean reality dating show on Netflix, came back with Season 2 at the end of 2022.

A new group of single people tried to find love on the deserted island “Inferno.”

Not only did that start on Netflix in late December, but so did other things.

The new K-Drama, The Fabulous, came out on December 23. It stars SHINee’s Minho (also known as Choi Min Ho) and Chae Soo Bin.

“Four best friends chase their dreams with the fashion elite while juggling hard jobs, love problems, and wild nights out on the town.”— Netflix

We’ve been watching both of these Netflix shows, so you might not have noticed that the same person is in both of them.

Kim Min Su is the new woman who is competing on Single’s Inferno 2.

We met her last week. She set her sights on Kim Jin Young, and she’s been to Paradise twice with him since then.

She told him that she is also the CEO of an online clothing store and works as a model on her own time.

Still, many people on the Internet are pretty sure they saw her on an episode of The Fabulous. Modeling and fashion are a big part of the show, after all.

In Episode 6 of The Fabulous, Ji Woo Min (Minho) finds out that he is at a photoshoot for Lee Nam Jin (Choi Won Myeong) and his family, who are the ex-boyfriend of the girl he likes.

It looks like Min Su was cast as Nam Jin‘s sister.

Netizens have seen K-dramas and recognized more than just Lim Min Su from Single’s Inferno 2.



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