ITZY Yuna’s Favorite BLACKPINK Song Surprises The Other Members

Her favorite song and the one she thought was the best were not the same.

ITZY did an interview with Vanity Fair not too long ago to see how well they knew each other.

Each person took a turn reading a question about herself in secret while the other girls tried to figure out what the answer was.

They talked about many things, like which artist they’d like to work with and where they’d most like to live.

Most of the time, the members were able to guess the right answers, which showed how close they were, but some answers still caught the girls off guard.

Yuna‘s question was one of the ones that caught them off guard. “What is my favorite song?” was all that was asked.

The rest of ITZY thought she would answer “Pink Venom” by BLACKPINK right away, which shows that Yuna must be a huge fan of the group.

Even though they were sure, Yuna surprised everyone when she sang “Stay” by BLACKPINK.

She said that her favorite BLACKPINK song was “Stay,” but she thought that “Forever Young” was their best song overall.

Even though she wasn’t limited to only K-Pop songs, it’s amazing that Yuna chose a BLACKPINK song as her favorite.

She proved that she is worthy of being called a BLINK, the official name for a BLACKPINK fan.

Watch ITZY‘s whole interview down below. At the 6:55 mark, Yuna tells us what her favorite song is.



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