Actor Ryu Jun Yeol Faces Controversy for Allegedly Mistreating His Personal Manager

After he said that his manager washed his dishes, actor Ryu Jun Yeol has been accused of mistreating his manager.

In November 2022, the actor was a guest on the livestream of the famous YouTuber Chim Chak Man.

Ryu Jun Yeol and Chim Chak Man talked about the “Zero Waste” way of life during the livestream. Ryu Jun Yeol said that he doesn’t use plastic containers or utensils. Instead, he eats off of a plate that he carries with him.

Chim Chak Man asked the actor if he was going to go home and wash his plates. The actor replied calmly that his manager did that. This caused a lot of trouble.

As soon as the actor said what he said, the chat lit up in protest. Then, Chim Chak Man tries to calm things down by making a joke about how it doesn’t matter who does the dishes.

Chim Chak Man explains, “Ryu Jun Yeol’s manager must also be living that way. From Earth’s point of view, it doesn’t matter who does the dishes “.

This clip was found again on January 2 and went viral. Many people on the Internet criticized the actor and said that the actor’s manager shouldn’t be responsible for doing things like washing the actor’s dishes.

“Just because you live a “Zero Waste” lifestyle doesn’t mean you should have someone else do your dishes. It only has meaning if you do it yourself, right?”

“But you also have hands, so why? You should wash the food you ate.”

“I think his manager was the one living a “Zero Waste” lifestyle.”

“His self-confidence has always been a problem.”

“What? This is a big disappointment.”

“It’s hard to be a manager.”

“LOL. Wow, I hate this so much, LOL. Does a manager have to wash the dishes of a celebrity? LOL.”

A news report says that the actor’s label has been asked to comment on the controversy more than once, but has not done so.



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