BTS Members Who Take the Fewest Showers Are Revealed, and You Can Relate to Them in Every Way

They don’t need more than once a week!

On the most recent episode of Run BTS, the members of BTS just shared some juicy news. and you might be surprised by the results.

In a game, everyone answers a question, except for two “liars” who try to blend in by answering blindly (without knowing what the question actually is).

The following is what happened: Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga all take more than one shower a week.

The people who said once a week is enough were RM, Jin, V, and J-Hope.

As soon as this was found out, all of the members knew J-Hope had lied, since he takes a lot of showers.

“That person who takes two showers a day is making things up!”Jimin

After that, they knew right away who the first liar was. The next step was for the members to decide which of RM, V, and Jin was the other liar.

Each person gave their side of the story. Jin tried to save his own reputation, but the other members knew he was lying.

V chose once a week as well which the other members believed because in the videos he sends them, he looks like a real homebody.

RM tried to make his case lastly but because RM likes to be busy, no one believed him.

RM lied when he said she didn’t like taking showers very often.

“At least three times a day, I shower.”— RM

In the end, V and Jin were the only ones who said they only needed to shower once a week.

But, as Suga pointed out, the word “enough” can have different meanings, so take their choices with a grain of salt!



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