SF9’s Dawon Reportedly Helped Save a Person’s Life After Suffering a Cardiac Arrest in a Sauna

Reportedly, SF9 member Dawon just saved a person who was having a heart attack in a sauna.

FNC Entertainment, which represents SF9, said in a statement on January 5 that Dawon will not be at the Season’s Greeting fan event on January 5.

FNC Entertainment says that Dawon saw a patient have a heart attack while he was taking his usual sauna bath on January 5.

Then, it was said that Dawon had taken emergency steps based on what paramedics had told him over the phone before handing the patient over to the 119 paramedics who had arrived later.

After talking with the artist, they decided to cancel the plan so that he could rest and get better.

What a worthy action!

Meanwhile, SF9 will release their 12th mini album, called “The Piece OF9,” on January 9 at 6 p.m. KST.



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