Aespa NingNing Accidentally Recreates a Classic Viral Moment in K-pop With a Hilarious “NSFW” Blunder

Her members’ reactions were golden.

Aespa is no stranger to going viral, but in a hilarious new clip, NingNing accidentally remade one of K-most Pop’s famous viral moments and it was worth everything.

On January 3, aespa held a special live stream event to celebrate Synk Road, their first reality show.

The show, which is about traveling, already looks like it will have a lot of funny chaos.

During the live stream, the members didn’t hold back either.

As usual, NingNing‘s laugh made everyone laugh, but it’s her accidental reference to one of EXO Kai‘s most viral moments that is getting fans’ attention online.

In 2019, EXO went on the popular variety show Knowing Bros to promote their new album, OBSESSION.

Kai didn’t understand what Baekhyun was trying to say when they were playing “scream in silence.”

He looked down at his lap and asked, “Under my underwear…two words?

This made his members and the rest of the cast laugh out loud right away, and it became one of the most famous moments in K-Pop right away.

It was so memorable that when he came back to the show a year later with SuperM, he said that even random people on the street would not let him forget it.

During their special Synk Road live stream, Aespa tried the “scream in silence” game, and things went in a familiar direction.

Karina was given the word “ae-key,” which refers to the “ae-key cards” that the members had to find as part of their mission to finish the “Synk Road” on their show.

Karina tried hard to explain the word… NingNing, on the other hand, heard something totally different.

Fans laughed at the mistake, and they couldn’t help but compare it to Kai‘s…

They even made a comparison between the two.

The other members of aespa were clearly shocked, and they were probably wondering if NingNing‘s mistake was “NSFW.” Their worry was the same as Kai’s when he first said “panty” in 2019.

This mistake might have been a fluke, but it’s funny that it’s already happened twice both times to a member of SM Entertainment!



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