YG Entertainment’s Most Talented Artists Spills On What To Expect From Their New Girl Group “BABYMONSTER”

YG Entertainment put out the first teaser for their new girl group on December 30.

The teaser was called “YG Next Movement,” and it showed silhouettes of seven people. This fits in perfectly with the idea that YG Entertainment‘s next girl group would have seven members, which had been suggested by Netizens before.

When YG Entertainment first said in May 2021 that they were going to start a new girl group, people on the internet were already looking for clues about who might be in the group.

Now, a short teaser video of the new girl group has been posted to YG Entertainment‘s official YouTube account, giving netizens their first real look at the group.

In the video, YG Entertainment confirms that the group’s name will be “BABYMONSTER” and shows how the group works.

Yang Hyun Suk said, “Think of them as a BABY with YG genes.”

Aside from the videos of BABYMONSTER training hard, which already show off the group’s charisma and skill, other active YG Entertainment artists also talk about how great the group is. Hoony and Yoon, both of WINNER, agree that BABYMONSTER has skills that will set them apart from other artists.

Hoony from WINNER said, “There is no doubt at all about how great their skills are.”

Yoon of WINNER said, “There aren’t that many talented people who can do this well.

Lee Chanhyuk of AKMU seems to agree. He says, “They’re the kind of singers who are hard to find in Korea.”

Both AKMU‘s Lee Suhyun and YGX dancer and well-known choreographer Lee Jung agree that the members have a lot of talent and are hard to look away from because of how they look and how hard they work.

Lee Suhyun of AKMU also said, “They were really good at facial expressions and gestures that can really get people’s attention.”

Lee Jung from YGX said, “She was born with talent, and her biggest strength is that her eyes show how determined she is.”

Lisa and Jennie, who are both in BLACKPINK, also talk about how excited they are about the group. This isn’t surprising, since Lisa has talked before about helping trainees, likely including some members of BABYMONSTER, through their hard training.

Lisa, a member of BLACKPINK, said, “All seven of us get along well.”

Jennie of BLACKPINK said, “They’re really good all around.”

And Yang Hyun Suk, who used to be the CEO of YG Entertainment, says that he believes BABYMONSTER will “shock this world” because “they shocked me at monthly evaluations” during their four years of training.

Yang Hyun Suk said, “Just like how they surprised me in their monthly evaluations over the past four years, I really hope they become ‘Stars that will shock this world.'”

Some of YG Entertainment‘s best artists have said that “BABYMONSTER” is talented, so fans can look forward to the group’s debut.



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