IVE Leeseo’s Resurfaced Middle School Graduation Pics Proves That She’s Always Been Gorgeous

Leeseo of IVE got a lot of attention for the photos of her middle school graduation.

On December 30, a netizen posted to an online community forum with the title “Leeseo’s middle school graduation photos were released.”

Here, a netizen posted two photos of IVE member Leeseo‘s middle school graduation. The first was a portrait of Leeseo with his hair straight and his eyes wide open.

Leeseo smiled more naturally in the second picture, which was taken outside. Her fairy-like appearance caught people’s attention.

Look at Leeseo‘s pictures down below!

Comments from Netizens:

Leeseo really looks mature…If you told me these were from your high school graduation, I would believe you.”

“Wow, I guess this is how graduation photos can look.”

“She looks just like the selfies she takes. Omg.”

“Her high school graduation pictures are not at all embarrassing.”


“Out of all the middle school graduation pictures I’ve seen, I think Leeseo’s is the most beautiful.”

“She is so beautiful. She is drawn and almost looks like a character from a webtoon. How can a graduation picture be so beautiful?”

“That’s crazy.”

“So freaking beautiful…For real.”



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