Dispatch Reveals Actor Lee Jong Suk and IU Are Dating And Fans Were Not Ready

Every New Year’s, Dispatch has a tradition of revealing a famous couple who have been dating in secret. And this year, IU and Lee Jong Suk were chosen as Dispatch’s New Year’s Couple for 2023.

Dispatch says that the two have been together for about four months.

Dispatch was able to find the two of them in Japan together. They spent three days and two nights in Nagoya, Japan, during the winter break.

IU and her younger brother were waiting for the hotel pick-up service for Lee Jong Suk.
IU and her younger brother got to the airport together.

Before their trip to Japan, the two were careful about how they were together. On December 20, Lee Jong Suk left for Osaka, Japan, and on December 24, IU went to Nagoya.

Amannemu, a high-end resort in Nagoya, Japan, was their final destination. After his fan meeting, Lee Jong Suk went to Nagoya. IU and her younger brother also went to Nagoya.

Lee Jong Suk went to Japan without telling his manager or anyone else. He booked the hotel himself and asked for a pick-up service.

Dispatch was able to see Lee Jong Suk‘s travels, which showed that he was going from one city to another.

Lee Jong Suk‘s pick-up service took care of IU‘s younger brother.
IU with her brother, who is younger.

Osaka on December 20

Tokyo on December 23

Nagoya on December 24

Tokyo on December 26

Seoul on December 27

IU is going to leave Nagoya and go back to Seoul.

During his tour of fan meetings, he made sure to take care of IU‘s younger brother. The families on both sides have already gotten to know each other.

IU sang a congratulations song at Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother’s wedding, and Lee Jong Suk invited IU‘s younger brother on the trip to Nagoya.

After their trip, Lee Jong Suk and IU took separate flights out of Japan. Lee Jong Suk left from Tokyo, while IU left from Nagoya.

Even so, they still shared some things, like their glasses and bag. The agency for Lee Jong Suk has said that they are looking into the report right now.

A friend of IU‘s told Dispatch that the two of them have been dating for four months and that they are good for each other.



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