Seungkwan And NewJeans Misunderstanding Nearly Caused A Severe Argument, Here’s why

“It’s always Seungkwan.”

The huge HYBE Label is home to both SEVENTEEN and NewJeans. Even though NewJeans is owned by ADOR and SEVENTEEN is still owned by Pledis, they share a building and do a lot more together.

During a short meeting between the two groups, Seungkwan and NewJeans almost got into a big fight because it was so loud.

They met at the Asia Artist Awards in 2022. As seniors and juniors in the company, it was natural for them to greet each other.

There was so much noise at the ceremony that when Seungkwan tried to talk to the girls, they didn’t hear a word he said.

Hoshi: Seungkwan arrived late.

Jeonghan: Good point. He finished last.

Seungkwan: Yup, I was late. I was placed on the spot, and people said, “Seungkwan! “Tell me something!”

Jeonghan: Wait, you haven’t told me this story before, have you?

Seungkwan: No, never. Anyway, I didn’t would like to sound like a kkondae.

Jeonghan: Also, this is the exact story I didn’t tell on my vlive the previous day because I thought

Seungkwan would tell it better.

Seungkwan: Yeah. Like I said, I didn’t think I was qualified to give advice or anything. I wanted them to be happy, though. So I said, “LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!” But then I remembered that some of the people in the group are from other countries, and I thought, “Oh no, what if they don’t understand what I’m saying?” Then I recalled that I had read regarding their comeback. So I asked, “Are you going to be back soon?” But there was a lot of noise. And I saw member Hanni laugh like, “Hehehe.” So I asked her again, “Won’t you be back soon?” But this time, when I asked a question, all five laughed.At that point, Jeonghan, we thought, “Okay. “Right now, they don’t understand anything we say.”

Seungkwan: We realized that they didn’t understand anything we said. I asked one more time, though.

Jeonghan: Good point.

Seungkwan: I went, “MAKING A COMEBACK, NO?”

Jeonghan: It’s not like you asked me something strange.

Seungkwan: Right. I asked them about their new album. I tried to be clear, and I even glanced at them straight in the eyes. But the rest of my teammates thought we were done, so they decided to pull me away and said, “Come on, Seungkwan. Drop it.” Like, “Stop trying to talk to them!”

Seungkwan: I just wanted to know if they were going to come back soon.

Jeonghan: I was like, “Stop, let’s go.”

Seungkwan actually wanted to question the girls regarding their comeback, but the Korean words for “can’t” and “soon” sound the same.

Seungkwan: I can still recall how agitated Hanni looked. I felt that there was lot of confusion behind that laugh. And it started to turn out that, backstage, I began to wonder if I had done something wrong. I, too, didn’t understand. I later learned that-

Hoshi: We found out about it from the director.

Seungkwan: I did hear that they did think I said, “You won’t be coming back soon!”

Jeonghan: They were like, “What? Why can’t we get back in the game soon?”

Seungkwan: They assumed I was like, “Nah! YOU WON’T BE BACK FOR A LONG TIME!”

Jeonghan: It seemed to be Seungkwan saying that he wouldn’t answer back, and they giggled nervously. “NO COMEBACKS!” More nervous giggles. Then I dragged him away, and that was the end of our talk.
Dino: Oh, man. Bummer.

The misunderstanding was quickly cleared up, thank goodness.

Jeonghan: Well, after all of that, we finally figured out what went wrong.

Hoshi:Since we work for the same company,

Jeonghan: Good point. Since we both work for the same company, we have been able to clear things up.

Seungkwan: I mean, it wasn’t like I could search them and clarify or anything. So… Yeah.

Hoshi: Now you can just say what you intended to say.

Seungkwan: I love “Ditto.”

Dino: How did this just turn into a press conference for Seungkwan?

Minji also told the story from her point of view by calling.

“You can’t get back on your feet, right?” LOL. Even worse, all I could hear was “you can’t, right?” My mouth was smiling, but my eyes were darting around a hundred times… “W-what can’t we do…?” — Minji

Thanks to the company’s higher-ups, the two groups were able to work out their problem before it got worse.



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