Ahn Jung Hwan, The Original Face of Korean Soccer, Sees Cho Gue Sung As “More Attractive Than Him”

But netizens really seemed to disagree.

Ahn Jung Hwan used to play soccer for the South Korean national team.

He was the second striker on the team. In two FIFA World Cups, he scored three goals, including a golden goal against Italy.

But it wasn’t just his skills that made people love him back then. Ahn was also very popular because he looked like a model.

Because of his long hair and well-shaped face, he got a lot of fame, almost as much as A-list actors and idols.

Even when he didn’t have a lot of followers on social media, his pictures got so much attention that he ended up modeling for many brands.

As South Korea’s first “flower boy” soccer player, it was only a matter of time before Ahn‘s past popularity was compared to Cho Gue Sung‘s career path.

Netizens in Korea started talking about whether or not Ahn would be as famous as Cho if he were at his best right now.

Most discussions seemed to come to the conclusion that Ahn‘s visuals would have made people from all over the world go crazy if he had had the technology we have now.

But the man himself says something different.

Ahn has become a performer and a sports broadcaster after he retired in 2012.

He also has a YouTube channel on which he and other people talk about soccer.

In one of these videos, Ahn and Kim Sung Joo started talking about Cho Gue Sung.

During the conversation, he told Ahn that he thinks Cho is much more attractive than him because Cho has scored more objectives than Ahn.

“If you can play soccer well, you’re pretty. He looks better than me now that he has scored two goals.” – Ahn Jung Hwan.

Ahn then said, “I was attractive in 2002, and Cho Gue Sung is attractive now.” But people on the Internet don’t seem to agree with what he says about himself.

Jung Hwan hyung… I know you mean well, but nobody is able to beat you in looks.

When Ahn Jung Hwan was at his best, he had the best looks of any athlete in our country, not just among soccer players.

Ahn Jung Hwan was the best in Asia.

This kind of confidence can only arrive from somebody who knows they are the most handsome person in the world.

How humble of him! Ahn Jung Hwan‘s looks will always rank among the best in the history of Korean soccer.



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