The First Official Images of BTS’s Jin taken during his time in the Military have been posted online

He is doing his best.

Jin was the very first member of BTS to join the military. It’s been 2 weeks since he started, but many fans feel like it’s been much longer.

He joined the army on December 13, and he will get out in June 2024. You can find out what happened before and right after he joined the army if you need a refresher.

The first images of the BTS member in his military uniform were revealed a few days ago, and they immediately became an internet sensation.

Now, we get our first look at Jin as a responsible and loyal soldier in the army. He’s still as handsome as ever.

If anybody did think that Jin would get special treatment because he is a famous person, it seems like they didn’t need to worry about that.

In the pictures, he looks like he is working hard with other military men while doing physical work.

A version of the picture with less detail was also made public.

When the photos were posted on an online forum, Jin‘s fans were quick to tell him how much they liked and appreciated him.

It’s cool to see Seokjinie in a military uniform.
Looks good even when he’s dressed
He looks good in a beret.
There was an event going on, so the media were there. “He looks good.
The fit of his army uniform is good. He’s really so good-looking
This man is going to be even hotter when he gets out of the military because they get bigger there… Oof

Only 532 days remain until Jin‘s military service is over… And we’re sure it will be well worth the wait!



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