Korean Media Give Their Thoughts on What’s Next for BIGBANG Now That They’re No Longer With YG Entertainment?

The impact of BIGBANG‘s future era on the K-Pop scene is something we won’t know until it happens.

With the recent news that BIGBANG‘s Taeyang and Daesung are leaving YG Entertainment and G-Dragon is renegotiating his contract, it looks like the members have decided what to do next.

Taeyang is the first artist to announce his impending departure from YG Entertainment‘s main label for the subsidiary label The Black Label.

We are genuinely delighted to be able to tell you about Taeyang‘s fresh start. He still belongs to YG‘s family and BIGBANG. We know that a lot of people are looking forward to BIGBANG‘s activities, so we will collaborate to make that happen.” -YG Entertainment

The Black Label also said, “Producer Teddy and artist Taeyang, who have started working together for a long time, will start over at The Black Label because they trust each other’s music so much.”

After Taeyang‘s news, people naturally started to think about what would happen to the other members.

YG Entertainment said, “Daesung has ended his contract and is looking for a fresh start. He is still a member of BIGBANG, and we will support his fresh beginning and choices and work with him anytime.

Concerning G-Dragon, he is talking with YG Entertainment about a solo contract and focusing on the possibility of staying at the agency.

But since other members have nested in different places, Korean media thinks it’s likely that BIGBANG will show off their solo skills soon.

Fans of Taeyang have been waiting for a long time, thus it is expected that he would make a solo comeback in 2023 with the help of producer Teddy.

Daesung hasn’t decided exactly what he wants to do in the future, but most people think that after he chooses a new agency, he’ll probably keep doing music. Recently, he’s been talking to his fans by posting YouTube videos about his daily life.

YG Entertainment has also made it clear that they want to work together to keep BIGBANG going, and fans are getting more and more excited to find out if they will be able to see BIGBANG in its entirety.

But Korean media thinks it’s unlikely that T.O.P, who hasn’t worked with BIGBANG since his contract ended, will be able to work with them.

Reports have come out recently that he is getting ready for a trip to outer space.

Now that the next BIGBANG chapter has been revealed, everyone is wondering what kind of justification it will set in the history of Korean pop music.



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