LE SSERAFIM Made a Touching Tribute to Their Past Through Their Impressive Stage Performance At SBS Gayo Daejeon

At the SBS Gayo Daejeon, LE SSERAFIM gave another great performance on stage. In addition to their amazing outfits, unbeatable stage presence, and very live vocals, one of the best parts of their set was the part at the beginning where they talked about the members’ past lives.

Before the show, a VCR showed how hard each member had worked to get to this point.

The main points of the video leading up to the live performance were Sakura‘s struggles to prove herself after being an idol in Japan for so long, Hong Eunchae‘s long journey to finally achieve her dreams.

Kim Chaewon‘s attempts to change herself, Huh Yunjin‘s passion for being a singer, and Kazuha‘s change from a ballerina to an idol.

When the camera moved to the stage, Kim Chaewon, who had long hair, cut off a piece of it with scissors. This showed how she had changed as an idol.

Next, Huh Yunjin took the stage and sang the aria “Habanera” from Georges Bizet‘s opera Carmen, which was first performed in 1875.

It was a nod to the fact that she used to sing opera. During Huh Yunjin‘s performance, Kazuha took the stage and showed off her skills as a classical dancer with a short, enticing ballet routine.

Even people who weren’t fans of the show but watched it live couldn’t help but praise this powerful opening that really showed how strong the LE SSERAFIM collection is.

LE SSERAFIM was amazing today, no joke.”


“I love you.”

Kim Chaewon killed it from the beginning.”

“Guys, my heart is beating so fast, oh God!”

“I saw it again, and Kazuha is so pretty when she does ballet!”

LE SSERAFIM is the best.”

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