Netizens Argue Over Whether “Shy Shy Shy” or “Omona” is the Most Iconic Version of NewJeans’ Haerin

It’s tough to choose!

Shy Shy Shy” by TWICE‘s Sana and “Omona” by Wonder GirlsSohee are two of the most famous poses and lines in K-Pop.

Shy Shy Shy” went viral because it was accidentally cute. The line was supposed to be “Shy Shy Shy,” but Sana said it as “Sha Sha Sha,” which is way cuter.

On the other hand, when “Omona” was popular, Sohee‘s song almost had its own cult following.

In the fourth generation, Haerin from NewJeans is getting a lot of attention for how well she does both poses.

The best thing about her versions is that she doesn’t try to copy her sunbaes, which is what most cover dances do.

At the 2022 KBS Song Festival, her version of “Shy Shy Shy” went viral.

She shone again at the SBS Gayo Daejun in 2022, when she sang “Tell Me.”

Netizens had different ideas about which one was more famous.

What’s going on with this God-child? Omona Omona.

Sha Sha Sha

Omona omona omona omona omonaaaaa


Omo I’m Sha Sha Sha


Both poses looked different because of Haerin‘s unique, calm air. We think both are just as epic!



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