Netizens Can’t Believe How Kim Tae Ri Came to Be Deemed the “Worst Attitude” Actress by News Media

Netizens are giving their ideas about why KimTae Ri might be the artist with the “worst attitude.”

As was said before, reporters from the entertainment industry named the actresses and actors with the worst manners they have met.

Kim Tae Ri was the actress they thought had the “worst attitude.” One reason was that she was “rude” during interviews.

Several possible reasons were talked about in the above YouTube video as to why Kim Tae Ri‘s attitude is causing a stir.

According to the video, Kim Tae Ri once said that she “shut off the friends of all her best friend in primary school” because she didn’t want her to “play with anyone except her” and “badmouthed and circulated lies about her behind her back.”

Laughing, the actress declared that they are still great pals and that her friend tends to depend on her now because she “trained her that way.”

It was also said that Kim Tae Ri stole one of the movie directors’ watches because she “likes to steal stuff.” She told everyone about this, and she also said that the director “still doesn’t know.”

Other reasons had to do with her alleged lack of humility. After filming ‘The Handmaiden‘ and ‘Mr. Sunshine,’ she said in different interviews that she would be afraid to go out because there would be a “big wave” of fans because of her fame.

Kim Tae Ri has said in other interviews that she has nothing to hide and that it’s difficult to find a person who dislikes her.

On the other hand, some commenters say that Kim Tae Ri has always been “honest, direct, and sarcastic,” which could easily make reporters “angry.”

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