Jeno of NCT Dream Dominated the Red Carpet at “2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon” With His Model Looks

Jeno of NCT DREAM has such model-like looks that he made his runway debut during the renowned occasion New York Fashion Week.

With his latest analysis of the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon (also known as the SBS Music Awards), he once again demonstrated why he was the ideal candidate for the position.

Despite arriving on the red carpet in elegance, the seven members of NCT DREAM didn’t forget to display their humorous charms before taking the runway seriously.

By transitioning from a charming Samoyed to an attractive model, Jeno demonstrated his duality.

Jeno took the runway and made it his own by donning a white suit jacket with basic details.

Jeno appeared much more stylish and attractive with his hair pulled back. The idol quickly became a contentious subject.

With his model-based aesthetics, Jeno soon attracted attention.

Fans praised Jeno for having a fashionable appearance that made him appear to have just exited a magazine.

He was literally made to walk the catwalk.



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